In April of 1992, I answered an ad in the Kansas City Star that read, simply, “Wanted: Carpenter’s Apprentice,” and for the next five and a half years trained under some true craftsmen – men of character that I still admire to this day. In October of 1997 I moved to Chicago, IL and began learning the cabinetmaker’s trade. There I was, again, fortunate enough to be surrounded by top-notch craftsmen. The larger market led to some wonderful opportunities. I’ve had work in a Frank Lloyd Wright house, a Fine Homebuilding magazine’s special edition and Architectural Digest.

I work hard for my income and I believe that you do too. Being a steward to a portion of it is a responsibility that I take very seriously. Today, over twenty years later, I try to stay true to the fundamental principles of the craft, care deeply about each and every project and remember what I was told the first day of my apprenticeship, “Always remember: this is someone’s home.”